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Joshua Krupp

Joshua Krupp

Research Associate

Dr. Joshua Krupp’s research interests are broadly focused on the role of the circadian timing system in the regulation of physiology and behaviour.

Using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster as a model system, his research currently seeks to understand the neurobiological mechanisms acting to synchronize the circadian timing system, and asks how these mechanisms adapt to changes in the environment. A prominent feature of this research examines the role of neuroendocrine signals in synchronizing the circadian activities of clock cells present within the central nervous system and peripheral tissues.

He obtained his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Rolf Bodmer at University of Michigan, where he studied the genetic mechanisms regulating sensory organ development in the fruit fly. The external sensory organ of the fly is an important developmental model system that has revealed many of the basic biological processes governing cell fate determination and differentiation.